art portfolio javascript site redone

For this piece I had the choice of making anything I wanted using JavaScript so I decided to created a art portfolio site. For this redo I made it one page with my images changing every 5 seconds. I decided to make it all one page instead of three because it seemed to be stronger as just one page because they had strengths separately but together the strengths of each page together made each other stronger and gave a better readability.

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Art Portfolio site

This is an art portfolio cite using JavaScript properties. In this project I used the drop down menu to toggle between pages and a timer to swap out images.

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Concept For site

art pofoliogalleryviewabout.png

For this site I plan on making a art portfolio site where with the home page the viewer’s eye casually moves towards the gallery. I also plan on using a drop down menu and some parallax scrolling.

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5 problems


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resubmission for buisness site

The changes I made to this was that I added a texture and I also added the feature where you can switch from web browser to mobile view. I added a texture because in the process of looking at other artisan pizza sites they all have a texture that gives off a feel for the company itself. I wanted to convey that the product of the pizza will be nice and hot when you’re ready to eat it.

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Peer Critique

This animation done by Thomas Casterline has a decent anticipation. At 3 seconds he also does a good job with his arc with the arm and has a good over lap and follow through. The part where he moves back looks like it needed a little more overlap and follow through because it seemed to sudden.

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buisness site final

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