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Alstom BQX


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Skate Documentary

I decided to do a mini documentary on the skate community to display the culture behind a hobby that has become a lifestyle to most people

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This game was displayed at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. While we were there the game was played by kids and some adults. The purpose of this game was to teach kids things that are good and bad for … Continue reading

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Interaction review

The piece I played with was the air vac and beach ball. I interacted with it by moving the air vac to move the ball along in the air in order to move it through the holes. It was game … Continue reading

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wolf game

I was responsible for the sound effects for the production part

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gallery write up Advanced 3D modeling texturing lighting

Katie Wa the artist who’s work was displayed in the Llewellyn Gallery work had to do with her interest in unsound systems with rickety fixes for those systems. For some of the works in the gallery she took the back … Continue reading

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Final project proposal

For my idea I will be doing a mini documentary about the skateboarding culture. I’ll be interviewing friends of mine that skate along with clips of them skating. I’ll have them discuss why they started skating and why they still … Continue reading

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