Game Jam


For the game jam we were led by Michael Girard. Before we got to work on the game we shouted out the different urban legends that we knew before deciding on the Jersey Devil first person shooter. The level of the game originated from the concept art that was drawn on the white board.

We divided up the work based on strengths and what each of us wanted to do as far as the assets and props and coding.

I was responsible for the houses, props and sound editing. For the houses and props Iooked at various images before modeling each house. For the sound editing I asked for help with how to do one thing that I didn’t know how to do and then I arranged the sound in a way where the sound could best be heard and still be associated with the objects.

There weren’t too many places where we were held up in production except for some things that needed to be fixed due to a large number of polygons in the geometry.

The game closely mirrored the idea we the only difference was that you didn’t get to fight the Jersey Devil at the end like we wanted because we ran out of time fixing bugs that were more important than implementing a new AI that may have needed tweaking.

The thing that worked well with my group is that we all knew our strengths and weaknesses and we helped each other out. Also our communication was a huge help as well.

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