Interaction Review

Watch dogs 2

Interacted by using a controller.

Cursed at the game several times

Turned head as I turned in the game

Used the joystick to move around in the game circle to attack R2 to jump and the directional pad to use his gadgets. The timing between the physical action and effect was about .5 seconds after I pressed it unless it was a puzzle in which case about a second delay like controlling the RC car trying not to get caught


. Having to solve a puzzle and then making my way down without falling or touching security lasers (30 minutes)

 Finding the camera to hack the room next door and finding a way to do that (30 minutes first time 20 minutes the second time)

.  Spending 1 hour and 30 minutes on a whole mission where I was repeatedly dying.

Skate 3

Interaction: I interacted with by using a ps3 controller. I also found myself doing the motions for the tricks with my hands like I normally do in real life when I’m picturing the motion of the trick in my head.

Physical action: I held down square to and the left analog to kick push. I used the right analog to do tricks by holding it down and then flicking up to the left for heel flip and to the right for kick flip. I also started from the bottom and rotated it to the left for a 360 shove.

Timing: There was about a .1 second delay between the physical action and the effect.

Rewarded Simple: In the game you are given points for a simple trick you are given a small amount of point.

Rewarded complex: For a more complicated trick like a grind, Jump down a stair set or big jump you are given more points.

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