ivy gupta gallery

The Gallery Color Matters was held on February 9th 2017 starting in the auditorium of Orvis later transitioning to the Hinkle Library. The artist in charge of this event was Ivy Stevens Gupta. This exhibition focused on the importance of color in a design and what each color can represent. For example the color green can stand for hope, greed, jealousy, or sickness. Another example is how in Korea the color pink has the meaning of trust.

A point that grabbed me during this showing was how the meanings for different colors varies in different locations of the world. This grabbed me because I was used to specific colors having the meanings that we have set upon them. An example of this would be how we associate red with anger or rage. This open my eyes and gave me a few ideas for using color to demonstrate one meaning from a different country in a design that I might use in the near future.

Some other points she made was that if there is no light then there is no color. This reminded me that light is a key component in the making of color. Another point she brought up was that colors in ads can make it more memorable. This made me reminded me of the fact certain businesses are associated with certain colors. She also said that color can affect our appetite and concentration of mood.

I can relate this to my DMA work in couple of ways. One way that I can relate this back to my work in this major is the choice in the colors that I use. For example in the projects for Interactive Design when I was thinking of a theme for a project I might use dark colors or light colors depending on what I want to go for. Another way I can relate this to this major is by thinking about what a color might mean. By this I mean I think about what a specific color might say about my design. For example if I use red in a specific way it might mean rage. If I use a cool color like blue it might give off a more depressing or sad view if I decide to use it in that way.

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