Gallery Write up

The artist came out of a state of exploration. He experimented with media of photography and did work using a long extended photo. He had an interest in film making and using a single frame. Although the artist used this technique he still wanted it to come out with a photography feel. The artist worked one frame at a time. In one of his works that was in the gallery  he used appropriated imagery while being able to rearrange them. and pulled out pieces to intensify  and speculate.  He did this to give the spectators  a force perspective  that gives it depth. This relates to what I learned about this semester by using an animation technique of straight ahead animation. This is the technique of doing an animation one frame at a time with out going to the ones that came before it.

In another work he used his DNA scores while, using voltage control. Now it worked as an electromagnet tool. He it to be 3D motivated of  playing with aractus with viewer engagement and creating a different reality. In the piece he wanted to use make music using C major letters while having the music mess with the work similar to how the minim library effects the code that uses code from it.

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