origami robotLong ago in the land of Korea the form of Tae Kwon Do was formed and the school of Chung Do Kwon was created. A creature from another planet came. Not even Master Tyrrell, Master Hankle or Grand Master Hae Man Park could stop it. With the help of the black belts the Chung Do Kwon robot was created. It was a hard  faught battle but eventually Earth was able to rest peacefully as this creature was defeated

For this design I decided to let the shape of a cube build onto itself to create both the legs and the torso. The shape of the star were attached to one another to build the arm of the robot. The colors of the leg also played a role in the sense of special meaning of the belt system for Tae Kwon Do. Also size came into play which then brought wait into the equation in the sense of would it be able to stand under its weight.

The principle of pattern or repetition applies to my work by the shape of the cube is being repeated. Within this work there are variety in color as well as a smooth texture which can be implied through the picture of the my work.


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