.To describe comics Will Eisner uses the term sequential art. This reinforced my view of the story line within comic books

.Every sequence even 2 or more images can be changed into something more. This reminded me of juxtaposition and how images in a a sequence are juxtaposed in our head to see the message the artist is trying to get across.

.Each frame for comics occupy a space. Space for comics is what time is for film. This made me think of the importance of space in comics because they are still images that are telling a story.

.Must separate form from content to define comics. This is means that in order to truly understand what comics are you must look at its form as it pertains to its medium and the content of what they are about.

.By stripping down an image to its essential meaning an artist can amplify that meaning in a way that realistic art can’t. This reinforced my view of cartooning having more freedom giving the artist the ability to emphasize the part of an image he or she wants to help with their message.


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