scope stilll scope-2 scope3.gif


For this project I used line to create the shape of my figure with the the use of organic lines and closed them. I also used the anticipation of the running motion to help with the animation. This helped give the sense of running and also helped with the visual look and helped it not look jumpy in parts. The single slot of the phenakistoscope changes the perception by only allowing the viewer to see one frame at a time as posed to seeing the whole thing spinning which gives a different feeling of seeing the same motion.     

As an artist I believe I have made decent growth considering where I was compared to where I am now. I am beginning  to make better decisions in my designs and I am also beginning to come into my own style and beginnig to abandon mimicing other styles. I have also begun to trust my eye more but I’m still analyzing what I see and drawing what I believe is right.  I also started asking for help which has helped me come out of my shell a little bit more. Although I can not fully express my thought process behind some of my work that is beginning to change

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