mask drawing 2 mask 2

The mask I designed was created to display a warrior. While creating the mask the element of line was utilized to create the form. The lines helped to create the form by developing the shape which resulted in the three dimensional shape. For the picture of the mask I gave it a black ground to give it an evil intent.

For the drawing I decided to add devil horns and give it a black background with the mask emerging from the darkness. I did this in order to give it a more evil sinister feel to the image. Within the image I incorporated line to help develop shape which creates the form. I also utilized value to separate parts of the image which adds to the form and depth.


When I first arrived I saw myself as a rookie artis. I did not have complete trust in my eyes in the beginning stages with the first few drawing. I did not know about the elements an principles of design and how they connected to art. As I progressed I learned to trust my eye more which gave me the ability to handle my tools better. I learned about the elements and principles of design and how they applied to art in general. For the future I would like to be able to make art that I can be satisfied with and have the viewer understand the message I am trying to convey or even have them question it.

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