pattern project

vc pattern 2 Untitled-1

                                              Adobe illustrator 24×32                                    Gouache tyvex paper 24×32 2015

For this project I decided to do a mixture of meander and spiral patterns. For the background and foreground I made use of the meander patterns. The spiral pattern is used in the middle ground. Meander patterns generally have a passive movement to them. These patterns are the more relaxed patterns. Spiral patterns are continuous and they always maintain their shape.

In painting this image my foreground middle ground and background were shifted around. I decided to bring what was suppose to be my background to the foreground because it was beginning  to fade away. I decided to paint light colors in the background to make every thing else pop. Intensity changes made my bars push forward as the lighter colors fell back. The intensity changes also creates the earth tone colors.

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