structural flow


                                 Photoshop 1000 x 1200 2015

Artist Statement

For my design I decided to create an image with the allegory “appreciate nature.” I chose this allegory because most people either stay in the confines of their own homes watching television, using the computer, or play video games for long periods of time. People that don’t take the time to look at what’s outside are probably tuned in to their technology. This allegory states that one should just try to enjoy outside activity. Two images within my image display climbing tree climbing which represents the fun activities that a person can enjoy outsides.

Flow within a piece of art is very important in that it draws the viewer across the work. When structure and flow work together a significant impact can take place in how the audience views a picture. The question what do I want my design to do, can have extraordinary help in the design process. This was a major question for my design in that I had to figure out what message I wanted to get across.

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