Gallery write up

Listening to the artist talk at the Fosdick Nelson Gallery was an insightful experience. The process that each artist had for their pieces were interesting to me. For example Juan Young applied face paint, then scanned it and finally applied it to his objects. Another artist Joseph Vaughn worked with computer coding viruses. This process allowed Vaughn to subtract parts of the images and work with sound. Lawrence poured ink into a tub and scanned it.

Untitled-1Flatsitter Candy Corn Land Scape

The Candy Corn Land Scape applies the use of value to create depth. Flatsitter also uses silhouettes to make up the image. The silhouettes used in this piece are the trees, clouds and what looks like grass receding into the darkness. The edges help to separate the sky from the ground. The way in which line is used for the bottom half makes the image appear to lead the land scape into the darkness.

Untitled-2Oliver Herring Cheryl Frontal Cheryl Side B Cheryl Side A

This piece incorporates form. The first panel has a symmetrical balance to it while the last two have asymmetrical balance. My eye was instantly drawn to face because of the diverse colors so that part of the art has the most emphasis


This piece has an asymmetrical balance in that it cannot have a line down the middle and have each side mirror the other. There is also overlapping used to make the figure in the middle appear to be in front and create a sense of depth. The images of the people themselves also overlap with the background to further use the element of space. There is also rhythm used to drag the eye across the panels.

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