accordion Book

accordion 1 accordion 2 accordion 3

accordion redo accordion redo 2 accorion redo 3

                                                                                                Sharpie, Pencil, Cardboard, Strathmore 2015


For this project I decided to create the story of the day I rolled my ankle skating stairs. Within the accordion book I incorporated value to create a 3 dimensional form for the stairs. For the back cover I placed a skateboard and two crutches to symbolize the fact that I ended up on crutches for a week and how I wanted to skate as soon as I believed I was healthy enough to skate. For the second to last panel I used a high contrast to emphasize the initial pain that I felt upon the impact.

Statement for redo

For this redo I decided to do the same concept. I believe I improved on the craftsman ship. I incorporated overlapping which improved the the flow and connection of the story. For the last panel I used high contrast to emphasize the lasting effect of the incident. I also used line to draw the eye across the panel leading to the next.

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