story board

photo story board
                                                                Photoshop 1000×1000 2015

Artist Statement

My storyboard is an outdoor concept. I photographed the journey of a person taking a trip into the woods. For my abstraction I decided to gradient and then everything clicked. I used lines in most of the abstract version of the piece to create chaos within the woods and display multiple trees and trying to simplify the shapes as much as possible. By using some of the gradient styles I showed depth by the gradient lines being some of the branches and using the other lines as either the closer or further objects.

Since shapes never change and they are embedded into our memory an audience can get a sense of what it is they are looking at in any kind of art. They can even do this by looking at some abstract painting, drawing, graphic art etc. When used properly figures can be a powerful and useful tools for an artists. Triangles for example can be used as a plane or can be used to represent a tree. Although in my work I started out with a triangle to represent a tree eventually turning it into a pyramid shape to represent multiple trees.

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