Line Point Project

Name Board 2             stairs    Skateboard, foam balls, red acrylic paint, Photoshop 854x 480                                           Bristol vellum, pencil, sharpie pen 11×14 2015

Artist Statement

I decided to use my skateboard because I am always on it almost every day if possible. I made the choice of using the stairs as the background because that is my favorite obstacle. For my interpretive drawing I drew stairs and decided to write Impact with check boxes for yes or no with the check in the yes box because I love to jump down things. The next word Almost which is the brand of my board and is also one of my favorite brands and a team I would like to possibly ride for if I was ever given the opportunity. The final statement “not for walking” means I believe stairs should be used to jump down or jump up as seen in skateboarding depending on the amount of stairs and how high then I see it as just an obstacle to jump down.

In the interpretive drawing I used lines and shading to add some depth and give the stairs a 3 dimensional shape. With the points I tried to give definition by painting the points red and having them stand out. I also did this by having the lines begin and stop at each point instead of having them pass straight through.

Instead of having my points be insignificant I had them be a concentrated locus of power meaning that they have a form of their own. Due to these points the lines are created for my name. Metaphors and symbols can speak volumes when used in the world of design. When an artist uses symbols within their work it allows the piece to be taken further and possibly transcend through time. Metaphors are significant in that just like symbols it helps viewers and the artist link the literal ideas to the meaning behind the art.

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