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WordPress theme


The goal of this project was to create a WordPress theme

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Rat Shelf

For this project I picked two words out of a cup and had to combine them to make a model. My two words were rat and shelf so I created a a stack of shelves with one leg of a rat with the intention of it being a character that has to balance on one leg with the possibility of falling over at any time.

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Gallery write


The gallery that attended was held on April 14th to the 29th in the Llewellyn Gallery. The gallery displayed work done by Vavrek. In this gallery it displayed a video of glitch art. From what I saw the glitch made it seem like broken up memories. From this I got the sense that the person couldn’t recall the full descriptions of the events that they were trying to recall.

The work in the exhibition had some key things that held it together that helped me to recall what was going on. One thing that it had was consistency in transition. This helped me to not get lost and helped me follow what was going on. It also had consistent line weight and color. This helped the people in the video stand out and helped me read what was going on.

Something that grabbed me was the again the use of the glitch in the video. This grabbed glitch filmme because it felt as if I was watching different parts from someone’s memory. It seemed like the memories were fuzzy and not fully there. From this I got the sense of a story that had several parts to it and it was up to the viewer to interpret it.


I can use what took from this this galley in my own work as a DMA student in a few ways. I could use what took by thinking carefully about any way I might decide to tell a story. One way I could use what I learned from this is incorporating it into a project where I’m telling a story through animation. For example I could make an animation about someone who can’t fully remember what happened. I would go about this by modeling a character with fully recognizable features and model a character where one part of them is not detailed to represent the idea of the main character not remembering that specific detail.

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ivy gupta gallery

The Gallery Color Matters was held on February 9th 2017 starting in the auditorium of Orvis later transitioning to the Hinkle Library. The artist in charge of this event was Ivy Stevens Gupta. This exhibition focused on the importance of color in a design and what each color can represent. For example the color green can stand for hope, greed, jealousy, or sickness. Another example is how in Korea the color pink has the meaning of trust.

A point that grabbed me during this showing was how the meanings for different colors varies in different locations of the world. This grabbed me because I was used to specific colors having the meanings that we have set upon them. An example of this would be how we associate red with anger or rage. This open my eyes and gave me a few ideas for using color to demonstrate one meaning from a different country in a design that I might use in the near future.

Some other points she made was that if there is no light then there is no color. This reminded me that light is a key component in the making of color. Another point she brought up was that colors in ads can make it more memorable. This made me reminded me of the fact certain businesses are associated with certain colors. She also said that color can affect our appetite and concentration of mood.

I can relate this to my DMA work in couple of ways. One way that I can relate this back to my work in this major is the choice in the colors that I use. For example in the projects for Interactive Design when I was thinking of a theme for a project I might use dark colors or light colors depending on what I want to go for. Another way I can relate this to this major is by thinking about what a color might mean. By this I mean I think about what a specific color might say about my design. For example if I use red in a specific way it might mean rage. If I use a cool color like blue it might give off a more depressing or sad view if I decide to use it in that way.

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Self critique

Over the course of the semester I’ve noticed that I have started to think more. By this I mean that I continuing to make careful decisions pertaining to my work. Areas that still need work for me are my overlap and follow through in order to make my 3D animations flow better. I have gotten better with my squash and stretch from last semester and anticipation as well. Some of my timing for the anticipation can also be improved.

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portfolio theme


for my portfolio theme I will be utilizing parallax scrolling along with some other JavaScript properties.

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