Presentation Summary

Connections I’ve made from the videos and readings throughout the semester were to the interview with Trevor Noah, Other People’s Footage and Mechanical Reproduction.

Trevor Noah spoke on how he connected with class B more than A because of the culture. My Skate Documentary reflects on that through the topics of skate shops and the skate community as a whole because of how the community feels like a family the way we help each other out through tips and the giving of parts to those in need. Most of my works stem from that identity because that’s what I connect to and how I identify myself.

Other People’s Footage is another video I made connections to through my repurpose video of Kickin It and my Monsters in my Head video. For Kickin It I redubbed the voices and added the old batman song and turned it into a scene about being ripped off and added a comical sense to it changing the scene to fit my message. For The monsters in my head piece I added a small portion of Monsters by Kxng Crooked and the other members of Slaughterhouse to fit the message I was trying to convey. The message I was trying to convey was someone trying to maintain his sanity while battling voices in their head.

For Mechanical Reproduction my Zoo York Pieces related to that because of how each time I reproduced the idea of the big apple I gave it a new aura and new Identity and I will also be using Illustrator to vectorize it and add color which is where the mechanical reproduction will come in.

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Final Project

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1Eye Grip


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Hive mind

Starts out with the protagonist and his family going on with their day as usual. Then his family goes on social media and become infected as their minds are taken over. He sees code begin to travel from their arms and goes up to the brain. This is when the protagonist realises they have become part of the hive. He tries to snap them out of it but he too gets infected and has his mind taken over

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rough draft

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1EYE [Converted]  This is my logo for 1 Eye which is the name of my grip tape company. The name is a twist on my apartment number 1I.

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