gallery write up Advanced 3D modeling texturing lighting

Katie Wa the artist who’s work was displayed in the Llewellyn Gallery work had to do with her interest in unsound systems with rickety fixes for those systems. For some of the works in the gallery she took the back off of her camera and placed 3D maps inside of them. In denying the idea of the rectangular image and creating negative space she gave it the potential for a metaphorical meaning of a new way of thinking and crafting pieces. In doing so she opens the mind of the viewer and possibly helps them to unlock a new perspective of the world and art as a whole. In the piece where she smeared the image to fill in the pieces she helped it to dissolve into the film. The angels of the piece where it was vertical gave the image the power and control which forces the viewer to look at the image from the artist point of view and possibly allows them to give their thoughts on what the artist is trying to say.

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Final project proposal

For my idea I will be doing a mini documentary about the skateboarding culture. I’ll be interviewing friends of mine that skate along with clips of them skating. I’ll have them discuss why they started skating and why they still skate. Some other things that will be discussed is the topic of supporting your local skate shops, how long they’ve been skating and where they want skating to take them.

I want to discuss these topics because I want to show display the stories of skaters because each skater has their own reasons for doing the one thing we as skaters all have in common. Another reason I want to display their stories is because I want to show their reasons for skating and why they fell in love with the sport.  I also want to attempt to show the importance of local skate shops. Due to the importance of local skate shops I want to display why it is important to so many skaters.

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Cider Creek ADD

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video art The Dark Man

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Pre-Production Update


Wolf and animation- Lex

Sound design- Davon

Some changes that we made were that we will no longer have a forest on fire and no hunter. It will be open world and they would interact with what they click on

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cider creek

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